Interpreting Fees At A Glance
1. Interpreting fees are of two types : half-day fee for three hours ; full-day fee for eight hours with one-hour lunch break included.
2.  Interpreters are classified into two classes, depending on their interpreting ability.
'A' class interpreters have 10 years or more experience in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting that includes international conferences ; 'B' class five years or more in both modes of interpreting including seminars.
3.  Based on the above, the following four types of interpreting fees are charged per interpreter.

half day
full day
'A' class
'B' class
Simultaneous translation requires two or three interpreters, using simultaneous translation equipment system.
4.  Overtime fees are charged on half hour basis if interpreting work exceeds above-mentioned timeframes by more than 10 minutes. If interpreting further exceeds timeframes by more than 40 minutes, one-hour overtime fees are charged. Hourly overtime fees for 'A' and 'B' classes are calculated by dividing full-day fees by 8 hours and multiplying that number by 1.25.
5.  Transportation fees including taxi fares are charged.
6.  Accommodation fees are charged.
7.  Extra fees, such as loss compensation and per diem, are charged for both domestic trips and overseas trips. 
8.  Extra fees are charged for early morning and late night assignments.
9.  Clients will be briefed and consulted in advance on items 7 and 8.
10.  Extra fees are charged upon client's approval when either a briefing session or voluminous homework is deemed necessary.
11.  Cancellation fees are charged if client cancels the assignment four business days before the day it takes place. 100% of quoted price is charged when informed of cancellation within 24 hours of start of assignment ; 75%, 50% and 25% charged respectively when 2 business days, 3 business days, and 4 business days before.
12.  Consumption tax is levied on items 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10.

The fee schedule is subject to change once a year.
10% discount is given to first-time orders. Previous fees apply to existing customers